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Unions don't actually hire people.

Unions work with employers to provide them with the skilled workers they need, on time and wherever those workers are required. In the end, it's the employer who hires you, but they always hire you through the union.

When you become a member, we keep records of your training, your experience and your skills. When employers call us to say they need people with certain skills, we search our records for people who match those skills, and we dispatch them to the employer according to who's closest to the top of the list.

Our dispatchers are extremely fair. They don't play favourites.

When an employer calls to say a job is ending, our dispatchers work hard to try to find new work for our members who are being laid off. We get to be pretty good at that.

Bottom line: when we take you on as a new member, it'll be when we don't have enough existing members to fill employer demand and we need people with your skills and experience. Once you're a member, we guarantee you'll be treated fairly.

When you apply and tell us you're interested, you need to be patient at first.

Your turn will come!

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Please Tell Us You're Interested!