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With steady demand for structural and reinforcing ironworkers, and with the future potential of several large multi-billion-dollar natural gas plants, Local 97 members are looking toward a positive future.

The local, covering all of BC and Yukon, is headquartered in Vancouver. It has 1,200 active members, about 70% of whom are structural ironworkers. Their work focuses mostly on major infrastructure, large public buildings, the mining industry, bridges and some commercial projects.

The Local's members have such a high reputation amongst employers that some non-union employers negotiate ‘carve-out' contracts so they can have the union supply its higher-quality skills on important projects like the massive Port Mann Bridge replacement.

Employer demand is expected to be good in the near term. Middle- and long-term prospects depend on when the planned natural gas processing plant projects begin.

Local 97 has a great 100% employer-paid benefit plan. Their pension plan is a (rare these days!) defined benefit plan.

In coming years, they expect retirement will increasingly offer more work opportunity to younger members.

In order to preserve their high reputation for productivity and quality work, Local 97 requires new members to seriously pursue their Red Seal.

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List of IWI's BC employers

Local 97's main web site

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