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Manitoba Local 728 is known as a ‘generalist’ local, meaning they train their apprentices to be more employable by learning Journeyman skills in both rod and structural steel work.

Their 400 members are steadily busy on a variety of heavy commercial, commercial, institutional, infrastructural and hydro projects, some of which are quite large.

Local officials say qualified people who are willing to deliver a good day’s work won’t have any problem staying employed. People who want apprenticeships, and younger apprentices, must have a good work ethic to succeed, they say.

The union is still experiencing retirement of longer-serving members, so they accept new members every year.

In partnership with Red River College, they operate programs to teach rod and structural to the Red Seal level.

Their health & welfare program is known to be better than many government plans, and members are part of a significant defined contribution pension plan.

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List of IWI's Manitoba employers

Local 728's main web site

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