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Local 752 represents 525 members in both Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, more than 300 of whom are structural ironworkers or welders.

Their biggest employer demand comes from a range of commercial construction. Its members anticipate lots of work associated with the federal government’s $25 billion naval frigate construction program, as shipyards will require refurbishment and expansion. They are also looking forward to the refit of the Angus Macdonald Halifax-Dartmouth Bridge.

Many of the Local’s members work in other areas of the country, the majority of them flying back home on free flights at the end of their rotation. The Local says it has some demand for local people who are willing to accept shorter-term work assignments in order to stay close to home.

They enjoy a good benefit plan, and a solid, 100% employer-funded defined contribution pension plan.

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List of IWI's Nova Scotia employers

Local 752's main web site

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