Because our union locals negotiate and sign separate contracts with each employer, our members enjoy a broad range of benefit and pension plans and programs.

Most of our members and their families enjoy great benefit plans that provide all or most of medical, dental, insurance and other kinds of personal care charges.

In BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan, most employers pay the majority of benefit costs. Our benefit plans meet or (in nearly all cases) exceed industry standards.

Many of our pension programs are defined contribution, RRSP-type plans. In BC and Alberta, however, some are (rare!) defined benefit plans such as the Canadian National Shopman's Pension Fund..

Overtime in Saskatchewan is mostly 1.5X regular pay. In Alberta, most employers pay 1.5X Saturdays to 10 hours, then 2X after 10 hours, and 2X on Sundays. In BC, OT is usually 2X after the first 8 OT hours (at 1.5X) worked in the week, with Sundays and holidays at 2X.

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