Our Shop Local 838 has over 150 members.

Following several years of extremely high employer demand, the slowdown in the Saskatchewan mining and construction sectors has reduced demand for our skills considerably.

Our shops have managed this slowdown well so far, but there is not too much work on their books at this time.

Nevertleless, we all realize that the economy is cyclical, and that employer demand will, eventually, pick up. By then we'll have had quite a few retirements that we'll be needing to replace, and as the economy recovers, we'll be looking to take on even more members.

Make sure that when that time comes, we know your skills and contact information so we can call you when our employers need new people like you.

Please tell us you're interested!

Our major Saskatchewan employers include:

Supreme Steel (Saskatoon) - structural steel fabricator, conveyors, ore bins, etc.

Russell Metals (Saskatoon) - custom steel order supplier

Bridgeview Manufacturing (Esterhazy) - maker of farm implements and small equipment

Harris Rebar - a leading installer and distributor of concrete reinforcing steel related products

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