Structural Steel / Metal Fabricators

Employers in BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan have high need of industrial & commercial structural steel fabricators for a range of shops that make products for everything from the oil & gas industry to the mining sector.

Depending on the employer and the province, wages can run from $30 to $40 an hour, plus benefits.


There's high demand for structural steel CWB (and some B Pressure) welders in all Western provinces, and demand is expected to increase. Our welders earn between $30 and $40 an hour depending on the employer, and total pay packages are even higher.

CNC Machinists

Primarily in demand in BC, most of these skilled workers earn $33 to $40 an hour.

Demand is high.

CNC Operators

Our members operate an extremely wide variety of CNC equipment in all three Western provinces.

Demand is steady, as we constantly need to supply people for ongoing shop turnover and/or plant expansion.

Pay ranges from $24 an hour to $32+, with total pay packages valued at over $40 an hour. Some employers pay premiums for certain types of equipment.

Machine Operators

There is demand in all provinces for non-CNC machine operators to run various types of manufacturing and other plant equipment.

Depending on experience and the equipment type, wages can run $18 to $26 an hour, with total pay packages running to $30+ an hour.


Some of our members are in charge of loading/unloading a variety of structural material, in all shapes and sizes.

These workers are in moderate demand in Alberta and Saskatchewan. Demand is low in BC.

Pay ranges from $20 an hour to $30 an hour, with total packages up to the $38+ range.

Labourer/Trades Helpers

Being a labourer or a trades helper in one of our shops is a good way to prove yourself for advancement, and to show that you would be a good candidate for apprenticeship.

Pay varies in the $17 to $25 an hour range, with total packages valued at around $30 an hour.

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