The biggest reason to 'work union' is that you're never alone…so you'll never be taken advantage of.

The second biggest reason is that almost all of our members earn higher pay packages than their non-union counterparts do.

Your union stands up for you. We make sure that you – and your brothers and sisters – are treated with respect, and that you are paid a far day's wage for a fair day's work.

We actually have great relationships with our employers, so keeping their respect isn't hard – they know we all work hard to be both safe and productive, and they appreciate that.

You'll never find a non-union employer who is more concerned about worker safety than we and our employers are.

In the union, you work as part of a team. Because all are treated fairly by foremen and supervisors, you don't need to compete with your fellow members for their favour. Advancement is based only on skill, attitude and length of employment.

Because unions and their employers are usually more dedicated to training new people, if you want to apprentice in one of our trades, it'll be easier to secure a place, and you'll get better on-the-job training.

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