Local 1460 Alberta Millwright Stephen Joy, his wife Connie and their brand new daughter Katelyn enjoy top quality health & welfare benefits. Stephen’s membership gives him a secure, defined benefit pension and no-cost access to the world’s finest Millwright training programs.

Local 1460: The wright stuff!


This web site is for Millwrights who are NOT members of Local 1460 Alberta Millwrights.

There's valuable information here for their spouses, too!

On this site, we’re not going to knock the ‘other guys’. Instead, we’ll stick to the facts about what you, your spouse and your family will gain by your decision to join a proud, capable group of 1600-plus unionized Millwrights.

There are four key advantages of joining us.

  • Great Wages, now with inflation protection!
  • Better Health & Welfare plan
  • Better Pension plan
  • World-leading Millwright training & upgrading programs

Our contract gives Journeymen $45.50/hr (total package including employer-paid pension and benefits = $60.15).

Click around this site. Read the facts.

Once you know the facts, if you’re interested in a future with Local 1460, give us a little information about yourself, and prepare for a career that produces a lot more, for you and for your family.

We’re looking for energetic new members who believe in an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay. Our members share a strong bond, and a mutual respect for doing top quality work, on time, and safely!

We’d love to welcome you as a member, just as soon as we have demand from our employers!