Stephen Joy and family
Local 1460 Millwright Stephen Joy, his wife Connie and their brand new daughter Katelyn enjoy top quality health & welfare benefits. Stephen’s membership gives him a secure, defined benefit pension and no-cost access to the world’s finest Millwright training programs.

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Province-wide demand from our employers isn't quite what it was in 2008. We are currently filling demand from within our current membership. In the somewhat longer term, however, we expect that as the price of oil continues to rise, causing more large projects to begin or renew construction, employer demand will again rise beyond the capacity of our existing membership.

When that happens, we want to be able to contact you to let you know there may be work coming in the near future.

If you can share our common values of pride in our trade, working efficiently and precisely, working on time and – always! – working safely, then we’d love to be able to invite you to join us just as soon as we have work for you. If you live in Edmonton or are willing

As usual, we have a ‘first-job’ probationary period for full union membership, but if you share the values we just mentioned, you’ll have no problem!

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