Are You an American?

Come on up. We need YOU, too!

If you’re a US citizen working as a B pressure Welder or a Journeyman Steamfitter/Pipefitter, we’re very interested in talking to you.

It makes no difference whether you’re already a UA member or you’re working non-union.

You’ll be glad to know that some of our large employers will equate your hourly health care costs, so if your family’s still in the States, your coverage won’t suffer.

Camp accommodation and food are supplied at no cost to the employee.

Some of our employers also pay generous travel incentives (up to $850 each way, depending on how far away home is) and some provide safety gear that meets Canadian requirements.

And remember, the Canadian dollar’s value floats like all currencies, but on the day this was written, it's worth just about as much as the US dollar, and some financial commentators expect it to reach or exceed parity in the next few months! Our current industrial Journeyman Steamfitter and B Welder base rate is $43.90/hr, with the total package valued at $57.66. PLUS some employers pay a tax-free subsistence of $100/workday for certain projects.

We’ll help you get a working visa.

We have staff dedicated to helping you through a (not TOO complicated) process to obtain a work visa.

To contact them, please email us.


UA L488 Member