Demand for our skills: the Big Picture

We’re often under great pressure from our employers to supply them with skilled, experienced Journeymen, and demand often exceeds supply. When the industry is busy it's not uncommon for an employer to say thanks for sending 100 members to a job, then ask us if we can find another 150 people 'yesterday'.

The demand in Alberta will likely be fairly steady for many years, as there is currently more than $100 Billion worth of oil sands plants, upgraders and pipelines alone either underway or scheduled over the next decade or longer.

As these projects separately go through their various construction phases, demand will peak at different times for the trades Local 488 represents. Our Business Manager says we need many hundreds of new members over the next three to five years. As you can see, when we say we need you, we really mean it!

Because of what's happening in Northern Alberta, Local 488 offers better prospects for long-term employment than any other jurisdiction we know.

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After a few months of moderate demand for our trades' skills, demand has picked up again. We anticipate demand increasing a whole lot more as we move further into the future.

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