Demand for our skills: the Big Picture

Demand for our members goes in large cycles, with many years of high demand and 'good times' sometimes followed by a downturn until the oil industry experiences a recovery and begins growing again.

When construction activity is heavy, we’re often under great pressure from our employers to supply them with skilled, experienced Journeymen, and demand often exceeds supply. When the industry is busy it's not uncommon for an employer to say thanks for sending 100 members to a job, then ask us if we can find another 150 people 'yesterday'.

A very few years ago, demand from our employers for skilled people was at historic highs. However, that demand has moderated quite a bit as a result of the fall in the global oil price. With a sustained recovery in the oil price, we anticipate the prospect of much more industrial construction 'action' here in Edmonton and Northern Alberta!

In time, there will be more steady jobs in Alberta for skilled, qualified Journeymen who are willing to deliver a good day’s work for a great day’s pay. And along the way, we still need to replace retiring members, and we need to supply skilled workers to major oil sands, petyrochemical and other kinds of huge installations during reguarly scheduled 'turnaround' projects. These projects can require 400-600 of our members for several months at a time.

We can connect you to your share of that work, and to the stability and incredible benefits of a career in your trade…as a member of your union.

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