And bullet-proof yourself from inflation!

Our Local now has a Collective Agreement that makes the financial future for our members very bright indeed!

For the first time ever, we are guaranteed that our wage increases will not be less than 1% over the all-item Alberta consumer index (inflation) rate – and they could be more.

Especially on the industrial side (in the oilsands and elsewhere in Northern Alberta), many jobs offer plenty of opportunity to work as much overtime as you want, so if its pure money you’re looking for and you're willing to put in the time, Local 488 is a great place to trade your skills for a very healthy paycheque.

Under our contract, as of May, 2015, the Industrial Journeyman base rate for Steamfitters, B Pressure Welders and Industrial Plumbers is $45.79/hr, with the total package valued at $59.92/hr.

Commercial construction Journeyman rates are: total package $55.66/hr (including $42.79 base rate, 10% vacation pay, 100 % employer-paid pension and benefit plans.

Refrigeration Mechanics earn $44.47/hr with their total package valued at $56.52/hr.

Other details regarding our pay:


(4-10s)   Friday 1.5X – Sat/Sun/Stat holidays 2X
(5-8s)   After 8 hours, first 2 hrs 1.5X,
  After 10 hours 2X
  Sat/Sun/Stat Holidays 2X
Commercial:   Sunday/Stat Holidays 2X
  Saturday 1.5X

Vacation Pay:

  10% paid every payday on all hours worked

Camp accommodation and food are supplied at no cost to the employee. Cable or satellite TV, exercise rooms, lounges, games room and both smoking and non-smoking TV rooms are also standard.

And remember, in Alberta, there's no provincial sales tax!


UA L488 Member