Health & Welfare benefits you’ll be proud of!

Unionized construction workers in Alberta enjoy some of the best health & welfare benefits in the industry.

Our health & welfare plans are fully paid by employers. There are NO pay deductions for h&w benefits!

Here’s what our plans mean for you and your family:

  • Dental work (90% basic)
    Vision (eye glasses, contacts or laser surgery)
    Life Insurance for spouse and children
    Accident Insurance
    Weekly disability – 26 weeks
    Prescription Drugs – 90%
    Hearing aids
    Major Medical
    Coverage extends outside of Alberta & Canada
    Burial expense

    Eligibility: 320 hours worked
    Continuation: 130 hours/month
    Unemployment coverage: 20 months
    Provision for self-payment
    Free coverage for periods of disability upon notification


UA L488 Member