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plumbers and pipefitters-Calgary and Southern Alberta
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These days, what's known as a 'defined benefit' pension plan is becoming a very rare thing. They are highly prized, because beneficiaries always know ahead of time exactly what they'll receive from their pension every month.

Local 496's pension plan, like its health & welfare benefit plan, is among the top 5 in the UA in Canada. It's stable and well-managed by trustees who represent both employees and employers. We employ the services of one of Canada's top pension plan administration experts, The PBAS Group, to help make sure the plan remains stable.

There's an added bonus in our contract, as well.

Contributions to our pension plan are on an hours-earned basis. When you work overtime at 1.5X or 2X, your employer also contributes 1.5X or 2X the regular pension contributions! Overtime is a real pension sweetener!

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