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plumbers and pipefitters-Calgary and Southern Alberta
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Our Health & Welfare benefit plan is 100% employer paid, and it's so well run that we've managed to increase our benefits over the last 15 years without an increase in contributions.

Here's a taste of what Local 496 Members and their families enjoy:

Prescription Drugs – 80% + $8 dispensing fee; $150,000 lifetime max per person
Dental Care – Basic services 80% member & spouse, 100% children, $2,000 max/yr per family member; orthodontics 80% for Orthodontic Services, for initial placement and monthly adjustments to a maximum of $3,500 Lifetime Max for Dependent Children
Paramedical – $750 per practitioner per year (some paramedical services require a doctors referral); includes: Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Massage Therapy, Naturopath, Osteopath, Podiatry, Speech Therapy, Acupuncture, Christian Science, Occupational Therapy, Registered Psychologist, Registered Clinical Social Worker.
Orthotics – 80%
Hospital – 100% semi-private
Nursing Home Care 80% of RN cost, max 6 months
Ambulance – 100%, to nearest medical facility
Vision Care - $350 every 2 years for Members and Spouses; lenses, frames and contacts. For children, $350 every prescription change. For all: $60 for eye exams every 2 yrs, $700/eye toward cost of laser eye surgery (lifetime); pls note frams, lenses, contact costs not covered for 3 calendar yrs after surgery.. For Members: $350 every 2 years for prescription safety glasses.
Hearing Aids - Replacement every 5 yrs; $3,000 per ear/member, $15/ear/dependent
Member and Dependent Life Insurance - $200,000
Interim Disability - $525/wk; up to 15 weeks, Hour Bank members only
Long Term Disability – $1,800/month; 2 years own occupation, to age 65 any occupation
Life Insurance – Members $100,000; $25,000 at age 65. Spouses $15,000; $7,000 at age 65. Children $7,000; $3,000 24 hours to 1 year)
Travel Insurance – $5 million; 90 days per trip
Accidental Death & Dismemberment – $100,000; member only

(Some limitations and maximums apply.)

If benefits like these sound attractive, please tell us you're interested!